Inspection Information

The following information is provided in order to make your inspection process go as smoothly as possible. All information should be transmitted to appropriate subcontractors. While it is not possible to list all reasons why an inspection may fail, adherence to this information will help avoid many of the common reasons for delays in getting your inspection completed in a timely manner. Ultimately, the building, project or installation must be in accordance with all applicable codes and standards and approved plans.

  1. Inspection Request
  2. Approved Plans Must Be On Site
  3. Comment Letters
  4. Work Without Permits
  5. Sprinkler Systems
  6. Kitchen Hoods

Inspection Request

The Fire Marshal’s Office should be called for inspection request at 410-758-4500, ext. 1144 at least 3 working days in advance. It is strongly suggested that calls are made as far in advance as possible provided you can commit to that date. Inspection request should be made by the permit holder.