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1. Must I apply for a permit to install a fire sprinkler system, a gaseous fire extinguishing system, a hood and duct suppression system, or a fire alarm system?
2. What if I am doing any kind of work requiring a fire review in Centreville, do I need to file for a fire review through Queen Anne's County?
3. What do I do if an inspector finds violations in my building?
4. How much does a fire inspection or plan review cost?
5. Why won’t the building inspector come out to give me a final inspection until the fire marshal completes his/her inspection?
6. Can I use a portable electric heater in my office or place of business?
7. I am building a new home in Queen Anne’s County, do I need a sprinkler system?
8. What if I am purchasing a modular home and moving to a lot in Queen Anne’s County?