Department of Emergency Services (DES)

About the Department

The Queen Anne's County Department of Emergency Services is a department that brings together four closely tied yet distinct functions or divisions, operating under one umbrella. The Communications, Emergency Medical Services, Support Services, Special Operations and Office of the Fire Marshal functions are lead by Assistant Chiefs who oversee complex organizations, have equal rank, and manage their divisions as separate operations, while at that same time enjoying a close partnership with the other Chiefs sharing ideas and resources. One Division does not take higher priority over the other; each has an equal voice in the decision making process of the Department. Budgets are prepared independently forming a Department budget with five components while distinct needs may be met by transferring funds as needed across the Divisions.

This model creates a functioning team of emergency services providers under a common infrastructure. Administrative and support cost are shared across divisions providing for economies of scale. Division staff are crossed trained to better serve the community and accomplish our mission.

  1. Health Warning Against Swimming at Matapeake Beach in Stevensville

    Matapeake Beach is currently operating under a health warning against swimming due to high levels of bacteria found in the water sampling. Effective June 2, 2023, until further notice the site will be under this warning. Read on...
  2. QAC Urges All Residents to Prepare for 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts Thursday, June 1, and Queen Anne’s County officials would like to remind people who live, work, or visit Queen Anne’s County to Know Your Zone if a large storm requires evacuation. Read on...
  3. Paramedic Casey Amos Clinician of the Year

    Paramedic Casey Amos is recognized as the Queen Annes County Department of Emergency Services overall Clinician of the Year. Read on...
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