Hazard Mitigation

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is updating the Queen Anne’s County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Federal grant funding provided by FEMA has been obtained to complete this planning project.

Hazard mitigation is sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from hazard. 

Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

structures at risk

Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee

Department Of Emergency Services
Department of Planning & Zoning
Department of Public Works
Department of Finance
GIS / IT Department
Sheriff's Office
Health Department
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy
Centreville Police Department
Maryland Emergency Management Agency

The first step in the process involved the identification of key stakeholders, which resulted in the formation of a planning committee.  

A main component of the plan update includes the identification of hazard areas.  Special emphasis has been placed on the identification of structures at-risk to flood hazards including: riverine, coastal, storm surge, and sea level-rise.  The results will aid in determining ideas to eliminate and/or reduce the affects of hazard events to Queen Anne’s County.