Hurricane Preparedness

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Make sure to have a plan that includes all members of your household in case of an emergency. This plan should include a communications plan. To get started on your plan visit:


You should also include children when planning for emergencies. There are plenty of materials for children here:


Don't forget about your pets when planning for emergencies. Most evacuation shelters typically accept pets. For more information about planning for emergencies with your pets visit:

If your evacuation plan includes hotels, you can use this resource to plan for the trip and find accommodations that accept pets:

COVID-19 Precautions

For information from the CDC on Hurricane Preparedness during COVID-19 visit:

For information from the Red Cross on Hurricane Preparedness during COVID-19 visit:


It is recommended that you have emergency supplies in your home and a "go kit" in case you need to evacuate. You can find more information about the supplies recommended and checklists to help you get started here:


Local National Weather Service

You can find local forecasts for Queen Anne's County by visiting:

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Emergency Alerts

Queen Anne's County has a citizen alert system to notify residents of emergencies. You can sign up to be notified here:

County Social Media

Queen Anne's County utilizes social media as part of our layered information plan. You can find official county accounts by visiting:

Power Outages

Delmarva Power Outage Map

Choptank Electric Outage Map

Traffic Conditions

If your evacuation plan involves the Chesapeake Bay Bridge or any state highway you can visit here to check traffic conditions and help plan your route.