General Application Information

The links on the left will contain every application form that you may need for the types of development that could occur as well as some specific information related to the process and procedure for that type of application. It is highly recommended that the Help sections are reviewed.

Any potential applicant should contact an engineer and/or surveyor to prepare a plat or plan as required for the specific type of development proposed. A list of professionals can be found on the Development Review General Information page or the List of Professionals page.

Always make sure to check that you have the most recent forms - they are updated periodically and will have a date at the bottom right.

Critical Area

If you need information about the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, or a form or document, you can find it on the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area page. The new Critical Area maps are now available on the County's Property Viewer.

Forest Conservation

If you need to address Forest Conservation, visit our Forest Conservation Act page.

Adequate Public Facilities

If your project will affect public facilities such as water, sewer, schools, or road intersections, you may be required to address the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance. Please refer to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance page for more explanation and assistance.


If you have a question, please contact this office for more information regarding the required forms for your type of development.

Stormwater Management

As part of the Development Review process, an application most often will contain a submittal to the Department of Public Works. For almost all types of proposals, Stormwater Management will have to be addressed. You can find out more information by clicking the following link: Stormwater Management Information The different types of development submittals are listed under Single Family Homes and Other Development and specifies the required engineered plans that will need to be submitted. There is also contact information for the engineers who review these types of plans, who may further assist you.