Administrative Subdivision

An Administrative Subdivision has two options for submittal:

With a Plat - Chapter 18:1-169

This type of subdivision is for re-platting, re-defining or re-boundary-ing at least two (2) but fewer than six (6) existing lots of record. The number of resulting lots either equals or is fewer than the number of original lots.  And the application does not affect required improvement or covenants, nor does it involve new roads or rights-of-way.

Without a Plat / Declaration - Chapter 18:1-171  (see also the Declaration page)

This subdivision technique does not require a new plat.  All existing lots must have been established on a single plat and recorded in the land records of the County prior to April 9, 1987.  All resulting lots are defined solely by reference to metes, bounds, courses and distances set forth on the single plat.


Except under special circumstances, an Administrative Subdivision is reviewed internally by staff, approved by the Director of Planning and Zoning and does not require the approval of the Planning Commission.

Depending on which you are doing, please open and download all the paperwork for that particular process, so that you may be able to submit and file a complete application.