Noxious Weed Control

Shatter Cane

Noxious weeds threaten the productive land of farmers and can cause unsightly and unwanted problems on private and public lands.

The County weed control program, managed by the Public Works Property Management Division, provides spot spraying on a fee-for-service basis.

Landowners who opt to utilize the County’s weed control services are billed an hourly rate for labor plus the cost of the herbicides used. Failure to pay for services rendered can result in a lien being placed against the property by the County Finance Department.

Current rates:

  • Farm Land:  $55 per hour
  • Non-Farm Land:  $100 per hour
  • CRP/CREP Sites:  $125
  • Aquatic Weeds:  $150
  • Invasive Species:  $100
  • Minimum Charge:  $100

Weed Control Coordinator provides inspection and noxious weed control services throughout Queen Anne’s County from April through November. Weed Control can be contacted by calling Douglas George at (410)758-0925 ext. 4121

State law requires anyone owning or managing land within the State of Maryland, including public entities, to eradicate or control these noxious weeds on that land. Mowing, cultivating or treating with an approved herbicide are practices that have been approved by the state. 

Landowners or managers who fail to control noxious weeds can be prosecuted by the State’s Attorney. 

Noxious Weed Control- A Guide to County Landowners

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