What will the Cross County Connector Project do?

In a letter to the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners, Governor Larry Hogan wrote, “It is my pleasure to approve your request for $3,431,084 for the Cross County Connector Trail- Grasonville project. This project involves improving portions of the existing hiker/biker trail and construction of an approximately 6,150 foot extension, primarily on an elevated boardwalk. The trail improvements and extension provide a healthy alternative form of transportation and supports economic development. This project will be a valuable addition to the Town of Grasonville and Queen Anne's County."

What is the total estimated cost of the project?

As the CCCT is a Federal Aid project on an 80/20 proportion cost sharing basis, the construction costs breakdown as follows: $2,828,000 (Federal) and $707,000 (County). Currently, the county has $1,329,155 in remaining funds for construction and inspection.

What is the timeline for the project?

Cross County Connector Trail is anticipated to be completed by Fall 2019