Community Affairs - Public Information

Queen Anne's County Community Affairs gathers and disseminates information internally (for Commissioners and Employees) and externally (for public) Community Affairs assists the QAC Government with the goal of being transparent to its citizens and visitors. We promote events, initiatives and programs from Commissioners and County Departments. We also support other agencies and organizations with the promotion and dissemination of information to the public (other agencies include Library, State Highway Administration, Sheriff's Office, Utilities).

Leslie Salvatori
  1. Higgs Family Named Farm Family of Year

    Meet the Higgs family, Courtesy of Donna Landis Smith, QAC Soil Conservation District Read on...
  2. QAC Law Protects Dogs Left Outside in Extreme Weather

    $1,000 Fine May be Imposed “Any dog shall be brought inside a home, building or other suitable shelter within 30 minutes of the onset of extreme weather conditions i.e. temperatures above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees. Read on...
  3. County Administrator Todd Mohn Wraps Up the Aug. 13th Commissioners' Meeting

    County Ordinance 19-13 - The Prohibition of the Release of Non-Biodegradable Balloons within Queen Anne’s County – RECORD LEFT OPEN WITH PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO BE PRESENTED NEXT MEETING, AUGUST 27. Read on...
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