Who is the Parks Department?

The Department encompasses 22 Parks including two equestrian trails, 10 Nature Areas, two beaches, 18 Public Landings - 10 of which have boat ramps, 3 Boat Slip Marinas, 2 fishing piers, Blue Heron Golf Course with Driving Range, and the Bay Bridge Airport.  It works with both the public and private sectors to plan, acquire, design and develop, maintain, preserve and enhance the County’s natural resources, open spaces and waterfront properties while providing remarkable public recreation opportunities to the growing population.  These amenities serve to stimulate economic development by spurring development of hotels, restaurants, fishing charters, organized water and sports activities, adventure tours and other ancillary uses of the County’s natural resources.

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1. What are the hours for the Parks, Public Landings and Fishing Piers?
2. Can the Parks be rented for events?
3. Do I need a permit to use the Public Landings?
4. I received a citation, what do I do now?
5. Can the general public use the ballfields?
6. Who needs a Special Event Permit?
7. How can I volunteer?
8. Who is the Parks Department?