What is the incoming mail policies to inmates?

Send via US mail only as per following policy: POLICY - All incoming mail must be sent to the Detention Center in white, legal or letter sized envelopes. Incoming legal mail will be exempt from the white envelope rule, however the handling officer who searches the legal mail in front of the inmate, must retain the envelope and dispose of it. Any mail that does not fall within the guidelines will be returned to the sender. Mail will be returned to the sender for reasons to include, but not limited to, those items noted below: o No inmate name o Stickers of any kind (including return address labels) o Rubber inked stamps o Tape o Colored pencil(s), markers, glitter, crayons, paint, watercolors or wax on any part of the envelope or in the body of the correspondence o Paperclips or staples o Correction tape/fluid o Greeting cards o Colored envelopes (except legal mail) o Padded envelopes o Any non-paper items o Plastics or anything laminated or made of cardboard o Anything gang related (photos, colors, writing symbols or hand gestures) o Homemade cards or poster cards o Blank paper, blank cards or stamps o Magazines and books (individual subscriptions to one newspaper allowed) o Items having suspicious stains or markings o Instant camera photos (i.e. Polaroids) o Food items or cosmetic items o Photos of any size or type o Pictures or drawings of nude, obscene or sexually explicit material o Musical or recordable cards o Foreign unidentified substances o Correspondence in code o Magazine or newspaper clippings o Identification cards or facsimiles o Lottery tickets or prepaid phone cards o Mail that violates a no-contact order or other court order o Cash, personal checks or second party checks  o Pages from books o Computer printouts o Mail decorated with beads, ribbons, springs, etc. o Sports statistics for gambling o Paper folded in the form of origami o Letters with strong perfume-like or unusual odors o Letters with no return name or address o Inmate-to-inmate correspondence o Clothing items (Court clothing must be approved by administration and can be delivered in person only, one week prior to trial date.) o Over-the-counter or prescription medication o Digital memory cards/thumb drives o Hate or threatening related written or printed material NOTE: Disallowed material shall include items meeting the definition of contraband. Also, as noted above, correspondence may not consist of or contain adhesives, metal, hard plastics, sound chips and unusual devices or decoration. All returned mail will be marked or stamped "Return to Sender" on the envelope.

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