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The original item was published from 12/17/2021 1:54:31 PM to 12/18/2022 12:00:05 AM.

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Posted on: December 17, 2021

[ARCHIVED] Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of the December 14th County Commissioner Meeting

The December 14th County Commissioners meeting started at 5:00 p.m. with a closed session for Matters of Public Security, Boards & Commissions and Personnel.  


The regular meeting was called to order at 6:00pm.


  1. Request for Upgrading a Part-time to Full-time Employee for the Extension Office

This is a request to move forward with converting the existing part-time Agriculture and Horticulture position at the Extension Office to a full-time position.   APPROVED 5-0


  1. Animal Control Commission     

Reappointment: Jennifer Nowak and — John McQueeney.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee 

Appointed: Nicholas Newell.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Board of Appeals            

Reappointed: Craig McGinnes.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Board of Building Appeals        

Appointed: Scot Cuozzo.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Economic Development Commission

Reappointed: Edward Beres, Brian DeMoss, Jesse Parks, Jeremy Reynolds and the new members Lara D. Wilson, Deayna Ewell and Jaime Thompson per recommendation from EDC nominating committee.   APPROVED 5-0  


  1. Employee Awards Committee

Reappointed: Dave Crow and Shane Moore.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Kent Narrows Development Foundation 

Confirmand and appointed Victoria Hoffman, — Justin Kiernan, Joe Pomerantz, Jason Ruth, Walt Thompson, and new member Kelly Phipps per recommendation from KNDF.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Personnel Board 

Reappointed Jane Vazeris and new member Allan Taublib.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Plumbing and HVAC Board

Reappointed Scott Jones, Dorsey Patchett and Tim Wilson.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Property Tax Assessment Board 

Appointed Laura M. Johnson.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Planning Commission 

Reappointed Tom Leigh, new member, Bill Sylvester.  APPROVED 5-0


M. 2022 Boards and Commissioner Liaison Assignments 

The 2021 Boards and Commission liaison assignments that the Commissioners currently serve on will stay the same for 2022.  APPROVED 5-0   


N.  President and Vice President of the County Commissioners 

The President of the Board will remain Chris Corchiarino and the Vice President will be Jack Wilson.  APPROVED 5-0


O.  County Attorney

Patrick Thompson was reappointment as County Attorney.  APPROVED 5-0



Item #                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Right of Way Agreement – Delmarva Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Delmarva Power Light Company (Delmarva) has completed the installation of five electric vehicle (EV) charging station facilities across three County properties pursuant to the Right of Way Agreements granted by the County Commissioners.   The discovery of conflicting underground utilities at time of installation at the Queen Anne’s County Office (Vincit) Building property necessitated shifting location of the EV Charging Station approximately 100’ west.  Delmarva prepared a Supplemental Agreement with an updated exhibit to memorialize the amended location. Staff recommends that the County Commissioners sign the Supplemental Agreement, thereby permitting final acceptance and operation of the Vincit Building EV charging station facility.  APPROVED 5-0     


  1. Postal Road Apartments – Public Works Agreement 

On December 8, 2020 the Sanitary Commission granted Postal Road LLC, 7,150-gpd of sewer
 allocation and 8,400-gpd of water allocation, to allow for the construction of 
two apartment buildings of 30 units each (60 apartments total).   Attached is the Public Works Agreement for execution.   APPROVED 5-0



Item #                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Character Counts Pillar of the Month Proclamation “Caring”



  1. Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Capital Grant Agreement 

Attached is the MTA Capital Grant Agreements packet for FY 2022. Signing these documents informs MTA that Queen Anne’s County accepts the Federal and State funding to support transit services and County Ride the Locally Owned Transit System of Queen Anne’s County.  This grant includes preventative maintenance and two small replacement buses of which the county’s share increased to 20% (up from 10% in all past years as the state has removed their 10% portion of the grant).  However, due to the continued FTA CARES Act funding and the savings to the county we have the funds available to cover the state reduction.  Staff recommends execution of these documents.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Tyler Technologies Saas/Data Center Contract 

This is a recommendation to move the County hosted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that encompasses our Finance, Tax, Utility Billing, Planning and Permitting, and Human Resource applications to a vendor hosted/Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. The recommendation is to sole source procurement with Tyler Technologies which is the firm providing our ERP system software. The purpose is to ensure the highest level of compliance and data availability.  Staff recommends execution of a five-year contract with Tyler Technologies to move the County’s ERP system to a cloud based/SaaS environment in the amount of $316,945 in the first year and four (4) annual renewals of $298,043.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Draft Standard Operating Policy

The Part-time Employees Policy which reflects the new County holiday schedule approval.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. EMS Station 400 Generator      

The Department of Emergency Services (DES) in conjunction with the Department of
 Public Works (DPW) completed a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) application in early 2020 to purchase and install a generator for EMS Station 400.  
Due to the current procurement issues associated with COVID-19 pandemic, the bids received were higher than originally anticipated.  DES in conjunction with the County Finance Office has prepared a budget amendment to address this disparity. Pending approval of the budget amendment, DES and DPW recommend executing a contract with the low bidder J.J. Clow & Sons totaling $78,318.00.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Budget Amendment #CC-21                  

This amendment will establish additional budget authority of $21,318 for the DES Station 400 Generator project.  The total project cost is $78,318 of that amount, $57,000 is available in the existing project account which is funded through $42,750 the HMPG FEMA Grant and $14,250 county funds. The additional $21,318 is being transferred from the EMS-EMERG MGMT Plan project in the amount of $19,075 and fund balance of $2,243.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. National Association of Counties Annual Dues           

This is the annual dues invoice for our membership in NACo in the amount of $896.00. APPROVED 5-0


  1. Board of Education School Employee Stipend

This is a request from the BOE for no more than $1,100,000.00 from the County budget for the purposes of staff stipends to be implemented in the December 24, 2021 pay period.  Full-time employees would receive $1,000.00, and part-time employees would receive $500.00.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Upper Shore Micro Ag Grant Program Request for Match

The Upper Shore Micro Ag-Grant program is a collaborative effort between the three upper shore counties: Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s. This program encourages the collaboration of farmers and agricultural enterprises in the upper shore region to work together to promote the buy local movement, improve access to food, help alleviate food insecurity, and fund projects that feed, fuel and cloth our regional communityThis is the second year for the program, which is funded by the USRC.  In FY21, Queen Anne’s County was awarded $14,000 in funding for this program and the County Commissioners voted to match this funding therefore allowing the QACEDT to administer $28,000 in Micro Ag grant funds.  For FY22, USRC has awarded each county $24,000 and we would like to request that the Commissioners match this funding to allow for more grant opportunities to our local Agriculture community.   The Grant program will open for applications in January 2022.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) State Matching Funds 

Program – letter of intent to participate

Queen Anne’s County has been a participant in the MALPF program since 1975. As part of the
 Matching Funds Program the Maryland Department of Agriculture requires the County to fund a
 portion of the upcoming easement acquisitions
.  A letter of intent to participate is due to the MALPF Executive Director by January 3, 2022.  Funds utilized by the County are derived from the agricultural transfer tax and have been dedicated towards Land Preservation easement acquisitions. APPROVED 5-0


  1. Rural Legacy Grant Agreement           

The FY22 Rural Legacy grant was submitted in January 2021 and on December 1, 2021 the
 Board of Public Works approved $1,650,321 of funding. These funds will be utilized for
easement acquisitions in the Lands End and Foreman Branch Rural Legacy Areas. The funding approved will enable the County to preserve, in perpetuity, approximately 367 acres of prime waterfront agricultural land, woodland, environmentally sensitive areas, natural habitats and protect environmentally significant tributaries of the Chester and Corsica Rivers. APPROVED 5-0


  1. Athletic Field Fencing                

The Department of Parks and Recreation is requesting permission to contract Long Fence to install/replace ballfield fencing and fabric at Batts Neck, Old Love Point and Rt. 18 Park. We will be using the Prince Georges County BOE Contract. The contractor will be performing the following work listed below funding is available using a combination of POS funds and the Athletic Fields Capital Project Account #40941.  APPROVED 5-0


-Batts Neck Park:      Field 1 & 2- Backstops, wing fencing, mow strip, home run fencing, 

and fabric

Cost $68,825.00

-Old Love Point:       Field 1, 2, 3, 4-Wing fencing and fabric

Field 1 & 2- Backstops

Cost $49,650.00

-Rt. 18 Park:              Field 1,2,3,4- Backstops and fabric

Cost S39488.00

Total: $157,963.00


  1. Budget Amendment #CC-22                              

To increase budget authority for employee January 2022 Salary adjustment and for additional spending authority in non-general funds as required.  On November 23, 2021, the County Commissioners approved a mid-year salary adjustment for County employees effective January 2022, which is being funded by use of prior year fund balance.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Budget Amendment #CC-48                              

The County received funding through COVID Grants for FY21. This amendment is to properly allocate funding between Departments to cover actual associated costs incurred. The total portion of this amendment that relates to COVID Grants is $7,135,300 - total increase in revenues and expenditures.  Additionally, this amendment increases budget authority in various expense accounts to agree to actual cost incurred in FY21 relating to the DARE Grant and MEAP Grant.  This is offset by increases to respective grant revenues.  The total portion of the amendment for the DARE and MEAP grants are $50,800.  APPROVED 5-0


  1. Budget Amendment #CC-49                              

To increase budget authority for the General Fund for activities and departments that are overspent. APPROVED 5-0


DESK ITEM 16 – Release of Grant Funds for Feasibility Study 

Housing & Community Services received a community development block grant for $50,000.  This grant application was submitted in coordination with ETD for the adaptive reuse feasibility study of the former Sudlersville Middle School.  The Maryland Department of Housing requires submission of the attached documents signed by the Commission President.    APPROVED 5-0


DESK ITEM 17 - Community Partnership Agreement FY 2022 

This is the agreement between the State and Queen Anne’s County through which the Children's Cabinet and Community Partnerships and our local LMB enter into a partnership to develop a comprehensive integrated children and family interagency service delivery system.   In order to complete the agreement, we need and recommend full execution and signature of the Commission President.   APPROVED 5-0 


DESK ITEM 18 - National Opioids Settlement: Participation Form and Deadline

This acknowledges our registration for the national settlement website and for considering participating in the proposed Settlement Agreement with McKesson Corporation, Cardinal Health, Inc., and Amerisource-Bergen Corporation (collectively “Settling Distributors”). This contains a Participation Form including a release of claims. The Participation Form in this envelope must be executed, without alteration, and submitted in order to be considered potentially “participating.” by January 2nd.  APPROVED 5-0


DESK ITEM 19 - Knox Box Request

Knox Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and public safety departments. When a fire breaks out, or there is any emergency, the Knox Box Rapid Entry System allows firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay.


Queen Anne's County public safety is currently utilizing a Knox system that is out of date and not compatible with current software standards. Because of this we are unable to repair any of the current systems in use, nor are we able to replace the current system with new compatible devices. 


The recommendation is to upgrade the system to the KeySecure 6 utilizing the cloud-based administration and audit trail service. The upgrade will include all of public safety and will provide a rapid access solution to first responders in the event of an emergency.   


The quotes received are:


Knox - $63,680.76 – This includes 80 devices with mounting brackets and 1 year of the cloud-based administration and audit trail service.

Installation - $15,035.00 – Installation is through Blue Tech LLC our current radio installer.

Total - $78,715.76    APPROVED 5-0



Item #                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Four Seasons at Kent Island Letter                                  
  2. Congratulations Letter Community Block Grant             
  3. Plumbing and HVAC Board October 28, 2021 Minutes 



Item #                                                                                                                                                 


  1. Ordinance 21-10 - Personnel Board - removing term restriction


County Ordinance No. 2 1-10 A BILL ENTITLED AN ACT

CONCERNING the Queen Anne’s County Personnel Board FOR THE PURPOSE of removing the restriction on Personnel Board members serving more than three terms in office and the restriction on Personnel Board members holding other County offices. Commissioner Moran Introduced.


  1. Ordinance 21-11 – Community Cat Proposal – to be introduced

County Ordinance No. 21-11 A BILL ENTITLED AN ACT CONCERNNG Community Cats in Queen Anne’s County; FOR THE PURPOSE of establishing a Community Cat Program in Queen Anne’s County, adopting a Trap-Neuter-Return Policy.  Commissioner Corchiarino Introduced.



 You can also watch the entire meeting here

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