Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is committed to:

  • Coordinate the development and/or modification of departmental processes while working towards the strategic planning goals of the departments
  • Secure and manage the collection and distribution of information, communication, and data resources
  • Support departmental needs and offer cost-effective solutions to exploit efficiencies and effectiveness throughout all departments
  • To provide County staff and the public spatial information to allow them to make more informed decisions in a timely cost-effective manner


The Information Technology staff consists of a Manager, Network Engineer, Data and Application Specialist, Systems Engineer, IT Support Specialist, Operations Support Specialist, GIS Coordinator and GIS Specialist with training and experience in the areas of:

  • Cell phone and desk phone setup and troubleshooting
  • Computer systems administration
  • Computer systems repair
  • Data and file share administration
  • GIS data creation, editing, and sharing
  • GIS website creation and administration
  • Internal shared website creation and administration
  • Operating and applications systems software installation and support
  • Voice and data networking

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