Animal Control

Queen Anne’s County Animal Control Officers enforce the laws regarding licensing and the treatment of domestic animals according to state and local laws.

Officers provides patrols of the entire county, during which they collect stray, unleashed, and licensed animals roaming at large. The officers have received specialized training in the care, treatment, and handling of both wild and domestic animals.

Animal Control Call for Service & Hours Protocol

Normal Business Hours - Monday - Sunday (7am-7pm)

(Business Hours subject to change due to staffing)

Business Hour Services
  • Calls for service concerning  all stray or nuisance animals
  • Pick-up of confined or trapped stray domestic animals
  • Calls for deceased animals along the roadway
On call After Hours Services
  • All call for service for a domestic stray animal and livestock in which delay may result in injury or death of the animal
  • All incidents with a threat to life or safety of a person
  • Assisting other agencies, including but not limited to Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire Departments and QAC Animal Services
  • All calls for service requested by Queen Anne's County Environmental Health for impoundment of an animal that is involving animal attacks to human or other animals that are still at large or cannot be quarantined at the owners property
Calls for service involving wildlife
  • Animal Control will assist with wildlife only at the request or direction of the QAC Department of Health concerning rabies risks
  • Residents will be directed to contact a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator or Trapper with all other wildlife concerns
  • To see a list of wildlife resources visit here

Contact Us:
(to speak with a dispatcher)
100 Communications Drive
Centreville, MD 21617