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Matapeake Clubhouse and Beach

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Matapeake Beach

Located along the Chesapeake Bay in Stevensville, the grounds include the county’s only public swimming beach, an outdoor amphitheater, a family picnic area, and one-mile trail through the surrounding woods with views of the Bay Bridge.  The beach is open sunrise to sunset daily.  The clubhouse (Old Ferry Terminal) is available for rental from September to May. For information contact the Parks and Recreation Headquarters at 410-758-0835.

Dog Beach at Matapeake Clubhouse and Public Beach

A winding natural surface trail through the woods ends at the Dog Beach on the sandy banks of Chesapeake Bay. Parking is located at the Matapeake Clubhouse and Public Beach lot; however, pets are not allowed at the clubhouse, its lawn, or the public beach. The pet trail begins at the fence that borders the rear of the clubhouse. Enjoy your visit and please bring along a plastic bag to clean up after your pet to ensure that this park stays open and available to dog lovers, while not posing a public health issue for the families using the public beach.  


In 1936 Matapeake Clubhouse was opened, originally as a Ferry Terminal Building that connected the Eastern Shore with Annapolis.  The Clubhouse operated as a ferry terminal and restaurant for the next 16 years until the opening of the Bay Bridge in 1952.  At that time the Department of Natural Resources began to manage the facility as a marine academy training site and shooting range.  In 1999 Queen Anne’s County Parks and Recreation with the help of DNR’s Program Open Space renovated the Clubhouse and Beach area and is now open once again to the public.  We encourage all visitors to take a step back in time and experience our wonderful surroundings of the Chesapeake Bay.

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