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Posted on: January 29, 2024

Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Allocate Over One Million Dollars to Maryland Agriculture Land Pre

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Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Allocate Over One Million Dollars to Maryland Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) Matching Funds Program


The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners have recently approved a financial commitment of over one million dollars towards the Maryland Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) Matching Funds Program. This decision reinforces the county's steadfast support for agricultural preservation since its participation in the program began in 2001.



The approved funding comprises an initial allocation from the State of $1,800,000, supported by $217,945 sourced from County Agriculture Transfer Tax and Personal Property Tax (Solar). In addition, the Commissioners have pledged an extra $1,115,388 towards the matching funds program. The State will reciprocate by matching this amount, with a cap of $2,000,000, resulting in a total contribution of $5,133,333 towards easement acquisition.


MALPF, a program aimed at preserving agricultural land, works by purchasing development rights on farms and restricting them exclusively to agricultural uses through perpetual agricultural preservation easements. These easements are officially recorded in the land records, ensuring the continuation of farming activities on the preserved land.


The primary goal of MALPF is to maintain a viable local base of food and fiber production for the present and future citizens of Maryland. By financially supporting landowners and preserving farmland, the program encourages the continuation of agricultural practices that have spanned years, decades, or even centuries.


Queen Anne’s County, proud of its longstanding commitment, has already preserved 35,053 acres (MALPF) with another 1,073 acres pending settlement. 


With the financial commitment from Queen Anne’s County Commissioners, the County will be able to preserve an additional 1,323 acres. That would bring the MALPF total to 37,449 acres (after all properties have settled)


Queen Anne’s County is currently second in the State of Maryland for the most preserved land.


The total preserved lands (all types - MALPF, Rural Legacy, MET, Deed Restricted open space, etc.) for the entire County (right now) is 86,400 acres.  After all the MALPF and Rural Legacy easements that are committed financially and by the landowners the total will be over 90,000 acres preserved


For more information about MALPF and its initiatives, please visit MALPF Program.

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