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Posted on: April 27, 2023

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up April 25th County Commissioner Meeting

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up April 25th County Commissioner Meeting


The Commissioners April 25th meeting started at 5:00 p.m. with a closed session for Boards & Commissions. 


The regular meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. 


Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board Appointment 

Commissioner Corchiarino made a motion to appoint Kyle Lee for a 3-year term that will begin on March 1, 2023 and expire on February 28, 2026.  APPROVED 5-0


Board of License Commissioners (Liquor Board) Appointment 

Commissioner Dumenil motioned to appoint Lynn Mason for a 4-year term that will begin on July 1, 2023 and expire on June 30, 2027. APPROVED 5-0


Ethics Commission Appointment

Commissioner McLaughlin motioned to appoint Robin Lanham to serve the remaining
 term that will expire on December 31, 2024 and appoint Mark Cascia as alternate member for a 5
year term that will expire 5/01/2028. APPROVED 5-0


Travel and Tourism Advisory Committee Reappointment/Appointment 

Commissioner Wilson motioned to reappoint Katharine Bonner, Dolores Jones and Michele Pringle as well as appoint Mary Jo McCulloch, Kelly Phipps and Ashley Genova to the Committee for a 3 year term that will begin on April 1, 2023 and expire on March 31, 2026.  APPROVED 5-0



  1. Mr. Donald King, “Delmarva Power Capital Project Update” 
  2. Mr. Bruce Bereano “Legislative Update”



  1. Public Hearing on County Ordinance 23-03 Redistricting Plan

This is the final public hearing to formalize the approval of the County Commissioner voting district boundaries. No changes were proposed to existing district boundaries.  ADOPTED 5-0


  1. Public Hearing Community Development Block Grant – Sudlersville Senior Center and Foxxtown Senior Apartments Roof Replacement

Community Development Block Grant - Sudlersville Senior Center and Foxxtown Senior Apartments Roof Replacement - As part of the CDBG requirements, we must hold a second county hearing to present the recent changes to the project. The purpose of this letter is to inform the County of an amendment to our original $450,000 grant award, which includes an additional $200,000 awarded funds for a total of $650,000. The amendment will provide a new roof to the Foxxtown Senior Apartments, in addition to the Sudlersville Senior Center. This replacement roof project will provide a permanent fix and mitigate any further leakage from the building’s roofs. Following the hearing it is recommended to approve grant amendment to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Special Project through the Community Development Block Grant program for the Sudlersville Senior Center and Foxxtown Senior Apartments Roof Replacement project for $650,000.  APPROVED 5-0




1. Old Centreville High School Building Envelope Repair Contract 

Sealed bids were received for the Old Centreville High School Window Replacement project.  The work involves the removal and replacement of one hundred fifty (150) premium fitted aluminum clad exterior window assemblies in the Board of Education Administrative Office building. Bids ranged from $907,386 to $1,640,182.  Following presentation of the bid results, the Commissioners requested options for reducing the scope of work to condense the budget and address only the most urgent needs.  Staff recommends we utilize the $250,000 State funding with limited 1:1 County match for a total project investment of $500,000. The work would be limited to two major tasks: 1) restoration of seven uniquely large, original windows and 2) select repairs to the slate roof, focusing on trouble areas including, eaves, hips, valleys & cupola. These improvements concentrate on securing the building envelope of the core original two-story structures, preserving the opportunity to repurpose the historic school building for potential future use. Due to the specialized nature of this work, the tasks would be contracted to qualified craftsmen. APPROVED 5-0


  1. Fire and EMS Commission LOSAP Points System and Bylaws Update 

The Fire & EMS Commission presented updates to their Bylaws and the LOSAP points system to qualify for active status as a volunteer. These changes were all recommended and approved by the FEC.  APPROVED 5-0


3. Close out Agreement for Matapeake Industrial Park Grant MD-11-ED-70 

This is the Close-Out Report for grant number MD-11-ED-70 in regards to the Matapeake Industrial Park grant. The grant has been in effect since 2011 with an original award of $575,000. Staff negotiated with representatives of DHCD to accept the job creation to-date and after an audit of the documentation, DHCD agreed to close the grant accepting the existing job numbers. A total of 51 new full-time jobs and 77 total new jobs were created at the Matapeake Business Park since 2011.  Staff recommends execution of the Close Out Agreement for the Community Development Block Grant number MD-11-ED-70. APPROVED 5-0


4.  Application to Maryland Alcohol Manufacturing Fund 

The Department of Commerce, under the auspices of the Office of Tourism has created the Maryland Alcohol Manufacturing Promotion Fund for specific priorities that encourage creative
 ways for brewers to market themselves, acquire visitors, and encourage Marylanders visit breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Queen Anne’s County is home to five breweries, each of which has a distinct identity and feel. They have recently joined forces to share knowledge and resources to educate county residents and beyond on the history of breweries and the science of alcohol manufacturing as the Queen Anne’s County Brewers Coalition. Economic and Tourism Development is proposing to apply on behalf of the Queen Anne’s County Brewers Coalition for this funding opportunity. If awarded, it will allow our breweries to reach broader markets, bring more visitors in, and form a collective identity through a branding and marketing campaign, strategy implementation and deployment, special events, product development and
retail activation. The total project grant request is $236,625. APPROVED 5-0


5.  Housing Bond Allocation Transfer 2023

In order for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development ( DHCD) to
utilize Queen Anne’s Housing Bond Allocation, the participating local government must transfer its allocation to DHCD in writing. This is a yearly practice in which Queen Anne’s County has always complied. DHCD then utilizes local government housing bond allocations to issue bonds to fund housing programs or to issue mortgage credit certificates. The allocation represents the amount of volume cap authority that would have been available to the local government should it choose to issue the bonds itself in order to raise capital for mortgage loans. In prior years, the annual housing bond allocation has been an extremely powerful and successful tool in creating affordable housing opportunities. Staff recommends execution of the Transfer of Allocation Letter to the Department of Housing & Community Development. APPROVED 5-0


6. FY2024 Citizens Budget Mailer 

This is the proposed FY2024 Citizens’ Letter. This letter will be sent to the citizens of Queen Anne’s County to summarize the FY2024 Proposed County Commissioners’ Budget, as well as provide detailed information on the public hearings. Both the attached General Fund Revenue Summary and the General Fund Expenditure Summary will be included with this letter for distribution.  APPROVED 5-0 WITH A FEW MINOR CHANGES TO CLARIFY BOE FUNDING LEVELS

7. Board of Education Transfer Between Major State Categories

The Board of Education requests County Commissioner approval of the transfers listed between major state categories. Since the approval of the FY 2023 adopted unrestricted budget, there have been additional identified needs for the following:


Major Category: Administration
 Special Education to Administration- $100,000
 To account for additional legal fees and printing costs. 
Major Category: Maintenance
 Instructional Salaries and Special Education to Maintenance $320,000
 To account for two maintenance workers and additional repairs needed. 
Major Category: Transportation
 Fixed Charges to Transportation $300,000
To account for the increase in fuel costs and the purchase of 2 2021 Thomas Built Minotour Buses. APPROVED 5-0


8. Budget Amendment #CC-42 - Board of Education 

The first part of this amendment transfers budget authority in the amount of $15,000, Priority Comprehensive Building Assessment to KIHS Energy Management Systems. The second part of this amendment removes budget authority in the amount of $205,437 from Security Upgrades, and transfers to the following projects:


$55,437  Bayside ES Security Vestibule

$150,000 KIHS Security Vestibule

$205,437 TOTAL  APPROVED 5-0


9. Budget Amendment #CC-44 - Rural MD Economic Development      

This amendment will establish budget authority for the Rural MD Economic Development Grant which was received by Treasury on March 30, 2023 in the amount of $1,348,000.  No County funds are requested.   APPROVED 5-0


10. Budget Amendment #CC-45 - Chesapeake Heritage and Visitors Center

Per request of the Department of Public Works, this amendment takes the remaining budget authority in the existing Chesapeake Heritage and Visitors Center, and splits it into two new projects as follows:  


CHVC - Bldg Repairs $105,000

CHVC - Site Improvements $707,352

No new county funds are requested.   APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 1 -  Old Wye Mill Grant Application.  This is a request for a grant support letter from Champe McCulloch, Board Member with Friends of Wye Mills.   The Friends of Wye Mills are seeking a $20,000 grant from the Maryland Historical Trust for various maintenance items and to shore up and prevent erosion around the operating wheel.   APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 2 – Citation for Green Schools - Following the tradition set in 1999, the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) respectfully requests Queen Anne’s County Citations honoring the 2023 Maryland Green School inductees.   This year we have citations for three (3) schools from Queen Anne’s County that successfully completed the requirements necessary for this award as a Maryland Green School.  They include Bayside, Centreville Elementary School and Kent Island Elementary School.   APPROVED 5-0


Or watch the entire meeting here



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