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Posted on: December 16, 2022

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of the December 13th County Commissioner Meeting

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of the December 13th County Commissioner Meeting


The December 13th meeting started at 4:30 p.m. with a closed session for Boards and Commissions.


The Regular meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.                                                                                    

A.        Commissioner Boards & Commissions Liaison List   APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT

Commissioner Moran:

Baltimore Metropolitan Council - Liaison

Baltimore Regional Transportation Board – Liaison

Bay Bridge Airport Commission - Alternate

Bay Bridge Reconstruction Advisory Board – Liaison

Board of Education – Liaison

Board of Health – Member

Employee Morale Committee – Liaison

Planning Commission - Liaison

PRAB – Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – Liaison

Roads Board – Member

Sanitary Board – Member 

Spending Affordability – Alternate

Commission on Aging – Liaison

DESAC - Alternate


Commissioner Wilson:

Board of Health – Member 

Broadband Advisory Board – Liaison

COG - Council of Governments - Liaison

EDC - Economic Development Commission - Liaison

Fire & EMS Commission - Liaison

MACo – Maryland Association of Counties Legislative Committee - Liaison

Roads Board – Member

Rural Counties Coalition - Liaison

Sanitary Board – Member 

Social Services Board – Liaison

Upper Shore Regional Council - Liaison



Commissioner McLaughlin

Board of Health – Member 

Broadband Advisory Board - Alternate

COG – Alternate

Fire & EMS Commission – Alternate

Housing Authority – Liaison

Kent Narrows Development Foundation - Liaison

Liquor Board - Alternate 

NACo - Alternate

Roads Board – Member 

Sanitary Board – Member 

Social Services Board - Alternate

Upper Shore Regional Council – Alternate


Commissioner Dumenil:

Animal Control Commission - Liaison

Baltimore Metropolitan Council -Alternate

Baltimore Regional Transportation Board- Alternate


Board of Health – Member 

Council for Children & Youth – Liaison

KNDF – Kent Narrows Development Foundation – Alternate

Employee Moral Committee

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - Alternate

Roads Board – Member 

Sanitary Board – Member 


Commissioner Corchiarino:

Animal Control Board – Alternate

Bay Bridge Airport Commission - Liaison

Board of Health – Member 

Commission on Aging – Alternate

Council for Children & Youth- Liaison

DESAC – Liaison

EDC - Economic Development Commission – Alternate

Housing Authority – Alternate

Liquor Board - Liaison

MACo - Alternate

NACo – Alternate

Planning Commission - Alternate

Roads Board – Member 

Rural County Coalition -Alternate

Sanitary Board – Member 

Spending Affordability Committee - Liaison

Upper Shore Regional Council – Liaison


A motion was made to appoint Phil Dumenil as Vice President of the Board of County Commissioners    APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT


A motion was made to appoint Patrick Thompson, Esquire as County Attorney for the term of January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.   APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT


B.        Commission on Aging                                                     

A motion was made to appoint Janet P. Melson and Mary Jo Volpicelli to the Commission on Aging.  These terms will expire 12/31/2026     APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT


C.        Economic Development Commission               

A motion was made to reappoint Hazen Arnold, Heather Bacher, Lee Bridgman and appoint Todd Wilhoit for a term to expire December 31, 2025  APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT 

D.        Kent Narrows Development Foundation                     

A motion was made to reappoint Jody Schulz, Jeffrey Smith, Michael Foster, William Oertel for a term to expire December 31, 2025 and appoint Jake Boulay to fill an unexpired term until December 31 2024.  APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT 


E.         Personnel Board                                                                 

A motion was made to reappoint Mark Anderson, and Dora Hanna for a term to expire December 31, 2026.  APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT


F.         Spending Affordability Committee                  

It is hereby recommended by the Finance Director and the County Administrator to appoint Steve Wilson to the Committee for a 2-year term to expire December 31, 2024. APPROVED 4-0-1 ABSENT



I.          Dr. Patricia Saelens “Proclamation Maryland Superintendent of the Year”   


II.         Mr. Robbie Gill, Executive Director, YMCA – “YMCA & Senior Center Update”    


III.       Mr. Mike Clark, Chief of Housing and Family Services “CDBG for the Sudlersville Senior Center Roof Replacement”                                                                            

This is an action item (and a required hearing) for the Department of Community Services grant application to the Maryland Department of Housing special projects group for a community development block grant for the Sudlersville Senior Center roof replacement project for $450,000.  No Public Comment, APPROVED 5-0



Item #                                                                                                                                                  

1.         Proclamation #22-71 Character Counts Pillar of the Month “Caring”



2.         Chesapeake College Budget Meeting Dates                 

Each year we meet with the other four Commissioner Boards to finalize and vote on the Chesapeake College Budget. At this meeting we will need a quorum of our Board in order to vote on the College Budget. Below are two proposed dates and times. We need to determine which or if both dates work for our County.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.



3.         Community Partnership Agreement (CPA) – FY2023           

The Community Partnership Agreement (CPA) is the agreement between the State of Maryland and Queen Anne’s County, through which the Children’s Cabinet on behalf of the State, and the Community Partnerships for Children and Families, the Local Management Board (LMB), enter into a partnership to develop a comprehensive, integrated children and family interagency service delivery system that is community-based, family focused and culturally competent. This Agreement includes performance measures for LMB functioning and programs administered by the LMB for the fiscal year, and the annual budget for the programs.  It has been signed by the attorney for legal form and sufficiency.   Staff recommends execution of the FY2023 Community Partnership Agreement. APPROVED 5-0


4.         Request for Economic Development Incentive Funding – Chesapeake Chef Service 

On September 19, 2022, the Economic Development Incentive Fund (EDIF) Commission recommended the approval of a $50,000 conditional loan to Chesapeake Chef Service, LLC to outfit a commercial kitchen at 225 Sadler Road in Grasonville. The funds will be used to purchase equipment. The applicant is currently redeveloping a blighted property for its expanding catering operations which will include a storefront market. This project is expected to have a total capital investment of over $1.2 Million. The business is expected to employ eight full-time positions when fully staffed. The EDIF Commission has recommended that the award be conditioned upon the creation of two (2) new full-time positions and one (1) new part-time position within three years of disbursement of funding and the business is to remain in full operation in the county for an additional two years, resulting in a five-year commitment.  APPROVED 5-0


5.         Upper Shore Micro Ag Grant Program Request for Match 

The Upper Shore Micro Ag-Grant program is a collaborative effort between the three upper shore counties: Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s. This program encourages the collaboration of farmers and agricultural enterprises in the upper shore region to work together to promote the buy local movement, improve access to food, help alleviate food insecurity, and fund projects that feed, fuel and clothe our regional community. For FY23, USRC has awarded each county $32,000 and we would like to request that the Commissioners match this funding to allow for more grant opportunities to our local Agriculture community. The Grant program will open for applications in January 2023. APPROVED 5-0


6.         (MALPF) State Matching Funds Program – Letter of Intent to Participate

Queen Anne’s County has been a participant in the MALPF program since 1975. As part of the Matching Funds Program, the Maryland Department of Agriculture requires the County to fund a portion of the upcoming easement acquisitions. A letter of intent to participate is due to the MALPF Executive Director by January 3, 2023. Funds utilized by the County are derived from the agricultural transfer tax and have been dedicated towards Land Preservation easement acquisitions.  Staff recommends execution of the letter of intent to participate in the MALPF matching funds program. APPROVED 5-0


7.         Recertification Support for MALPF                            

The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF) has a program called “Certification” that enables a County to retain 75% of their agricultural transfer tax if the County meets certain criteria set by the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) and MALPF.  Queen Anne’s County has been a certified County since 2001 and is currently up for renewal. MDP has reviewed our request for re-certification and will grant approval if the Local Agricultural Advisory Board and the County Commissioners give their support. If the re-certification is not approved the County will then revert its agricultural transfer tax to retaining 30% of the total collected and 70% will be remitted to the State for disbursement to all 23 Counties for easement acquisition.  Staff recommends approval of the MALPF re-certification request. APPROVED 5-0


8.         Mowing Bid Results – Parks and Recreation                          

The Department of Parks and Recreation solicited bids to provide mowing services by region. The bid is structured so that the individual contracts can be awarded to separate bidders based on the lowest bid by region. The contract period will be from January 1, 2023 thru December 31, 2025 with a one-year renewal option. Staff recommends award of the Kent Island Region to Lorenz, Inc. in the amount of $76,036.14, Grasonville, and North County to Phil’s Lawn Service in the amount of $26,250.00.  Each award will be for three years. APPROVED 5-0


9.         NACo Annual County Dues                                       

This is the annual dues invoice for the County membership with NACo in the amount of $896.00. APPROVED 5-0


10.       TACO #22-03 and chapter 14:1 (Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Act) Update

On August 23, 2022, the County Commissioners tabled citizen sponsored text amendment Ordinance #22-03 pending the Planning’s staff current initiative to update Chapter 14:1, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Act.  The update will ensure consistency between forestry and woodlands standards and allow greater flexibility in the application of existing standards within the County’s Growth Area. A workshop was held on October 11, 2022 with the following in attendance: Amy G. Moredock, Director; Stephanie Jones, Long Range Principal Planner; Barry Waterman, Waterman Realty, Owen Bailey, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC); Barry Griffith, Lane Engineering, Annie Richards, Shore Rivers; Frank DiGialleonardo, Corsica River Conservancy; and Jay Falstad. Those in attendance discussed the proposal and the intention of the various protections. Staff gathered significant feedback regarding concerns from all parties. Overall, there was a sense of agreement that within the Growth Area, there could be a more relaxed standard for woodlands removal—specifically for small lots of record and for infill development.  Internally, the update of Chapter 14:1 has been progressing steadily.  Staff is currently working through the Chapter to include the legislation updates that resulted from a large overhaul to the Critical Area Program which was enacted in 2008.  Next Steps include:

a)         Incorporate the needs and outcome of the workshop as mentioned above into the appropriate chapters.

b)         Work continuously and coordinate with the Critical Area Commission to ensure compliance with minimum state standards while incorporating needs that may be specific to Queen Anne’s County.

c)         In alignment with this effort, update any other portions of the County Code that may be in contradiction to the update.       

(Informational Item)


11.       2022 Comprehensive Rezoning Request and Growth Area Rezoning – Map 

Amendment Ordinance #22-13                                     

As part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan update process, property owners were provided the opportunity to have their property re-evaluated for change to a different land use and zoning district. The Planning Commission evaluated and considered each of the applications to determine if the proposed associated land uses were consistent with the goals, objectives, and purpose of the  Comprehensive Plan; the previous land use maps; and land use regulations. As a result of the Planning Commission’s review of the Comprehensive Plan, multiple properties were recommended for a change in land use on the Countywide Land Use Map and Detailed Future Land Use Map. At the November 10, 2022 Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Commission considered the proposed zoning map changes in relation to Comprehensive Plan the staff memo and zoning maps, public comment, and applicant testimony. The members voted unanimously to send a favorable recommendation to the County Commissioners regarding the Comprehensive Rezoning Requests (CRR) and Growth Area rezonings as outlined in the Comprehensive Rezoning Summary Table.  Staff recommends that we introduce Ordinance #22-13 and schedule a public hearing regarding the Comprehensive Rezoning requests and Growth Area Rezonings as outlined in the Comprehensive Rezoning Summary Table.  APPROVED 5-0 to schedule a Public Hearing


12.       Growth Allocation Petition – Nashville Properties, LLC – Planning Commission Recommendation                                                              

A growth allocation petition was filed for Nashville Properties, LLC requesting growth allocation to reclassify 2.811 acres of Limited Developed Area to Intensely Developed Area. This request includes existing parcels on Piney Creek Road and Nash Court.   The applicant is proposing a 156,000 square-foot, 4-story self-storage facility with interior access only and associated parking. On July 14, 2022 the Planning Commission reviewed and approved the affiliated concept plan and provided technical comments. The applicant submitted the growth allocation petition on September 19, 2022 with conveyance from the County Commissioners to the Planning Commission for a recommendation on October 11, 2022. On November 10, 2022 the Planning Commission held a public hearing and sent a favorable recommendation to the County Commissioners with recommended conditions. According to § 14:1-77.D, the County Commissioners are to schedule and hold a public hearing.  APPROVED 5-0 to schedule a Public Hearing 


DESK ITEM #1 -- Citizen Sponsored Text Amendment/County Ordinance Temporary Hold on 14:1 Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Act                  

In the interest of an expeditious and cohesive update to § 14:1 staff put forward a proposal to place a hold on the acceptance of citizen sponsored Critical Area text amendment applications during the first 10 business days in the month of February 2023. The Planning Commission considered staff’s proposal and clarified that placing a hold on § 14:1 text amendment applications would not also place a hold on citizen sponsored § 18:1 (Zoning Code) text amendment applications. As a result of this deliberation, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the County Commissioners place a hold on the acceptance of citizen sponsored Critical Area text amendment applications during the first 10 business days in the month of February of 2023.  Staff is seeking approval of this action.   APPROVED 5-0



Item #                                                                                                                                                  


1.         R.B. Baker & Sons, Inc. Informational Meeting and Public Hearing Announcement                      


2.         Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Final Report and Compliance 


3.         Water and Science Administration – Notice of Application   

4.         Maryland Department of the Environment notice of receiving the Phase II Geology and Hydrology Report for proposed landfill                                          

5.         Maryland Department of the Environment Proposed Mid Shore III Regional Solid Waste Facility Permit Application                                                            

6.         MACo Proposed Fiscal Year 2024 Budget and Dues and Assessments 

7.         Plumbing/HVAC  Board minutes October 26, 2022                       

8.         Planning and Zoning Monthly Report November 2022              

9.         Maryland Department of the Environment Blackdog Farms Water Appropriation 

10.       Maryland Department of the Environment Water Report       

11.       Letter to State Department of Planning – Eastern Pre-Release Unit 


Or watch the entire meeting here

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