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Dec 31

Shannon Callahan

Posted to Communications Employees in the Spotlight by Shaun Doeden

Shannon CallahanOn Thursday, September 14, 2006, Public Safety Dispatcher Shannon Callahan received a 9-1-1 call from a Mr. David Wessel of Grasonville, Maryland at 9:06 in the morning, advising his wife was having abdominal pains. Dispatcher Callahan began using the Emergency Medical Protocols to determine appropriate resources to be dispatched for the medical call. Only a few minutes into the call Mr. Wessel advised his wife was delivering a baby. Dispatcher Callahan immediately began giving the father instructions on delivering the newborn.

Outstanding Guidance
The baby was delivered before Paramedic 100 (EMT-P JR Moore/EMT-I Jason Stubbs) of Queen Anne’s County Emergency Medical Services and Grasonville’s Volunteer Ambulance arrived on location. As the emergency medical units were arriving on location Dispatcher Callahan made sure the baby and mom were ok. Dispatcher Callahan then asked the overwhelmed father if it was a boy or a girl. Mr. Wessel replied to Dispatcher Callahan and his wife, “Mama it’s a girl.” Dispatcher Callahan congratulated the parents on their newest addition and told Mr. Wessel ironically she is also due to deliver in 8 weeks.

Samantha Michelle Wessel
Mrs. Wessel and Samantha Michelle Wessel were transported to Easton Memorial Hospital by Grasonville Volunteer Ambulance Department and QACEMS Paramedic Moore. Newborn Samantha was 6lbs. 8oz. 18 in. long, Mom and baby are doing fine. 
Jan 14

Ashley Eckhardt

Posted to Emergency Services Employees in the Spotlight by Shaun Doeden

Ashley EckhardtAshley recently joined the Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services EMS Division as a contractual EMT-Paramedic. Ashley also works as a paramedic for Anne Arundel County Fire Department.
Jun 15

VIDEO: Commissioners Corner with Jim Moran - June 15, 2015

Posted to QACTV by George Harvey

Commissioner Jim Moran provides an update on current projects, changes in government and issue facing the Commission. Go to for more information about any of the topics discussed, services available and government information in general.

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