Call to Order

5:15 p.m. Administrative Function

5:30 p.m.  Call to Order,
Pledge of Allegiance, 
Moment of Silence, 
Approval of Agenda

Accept County Commissioners’ Minutes
- Regular Minutes – April 9, 2019
- Closed Session – April 9, 2019

Press and Public Comments**

New Business

5:35 p.m. Mr. Todd R. Mohn, PE, County Administrator 
“Presentation of Documents for Signatures and Weekly Correspondence”
1. FTA & MTA Certifications & Assurances
2. Correctional Officers Retirement System (CORS)
3. Senator Peters thank-you letter
4. Request for Economic Development Incentive Funding – Communications Electronics Systems, LLC
5. Destination Imagination Team request
6. Budget Amendment CC-26 and support letter to Chesterwye Executive Director
7. Local Board of Elections – Salary Proposal


5:45 p.m. Bruce Bereano, Esquire, County Lobbyist 
“Legislative Update

Ms. Connie Toulson, Recycling and Refuse Manager
“Earth Day School Video Contest Winner”

Mr. Scott A. Haas, Department of Emergency Services Director
Mr. Jim Alfree, Assistant Chief of Communications
“National Telecommunications Week Proclamation”

Mr. Bill Faust, FEC Chairman
Mr. Robbie Marsh, FEC Vice-Chairman
Ms. Tracey Johnston, FEC Secretary 
“FEC Swearing-In”

Legislative Session
County Ordinance 19-04 - Definition of “Truck Stop and Travel Plaza” under Chapter 18 of the Code of Public Local
Laws of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland (available to be voted on)

County Ordinance 19-06 - Holding Periods for Impounded Animals Under the Age of Three Months (to be introduced)

County Ordinance 19-07 – Citizen Sponsored Text Amendment to Revise References to the 2002 Queen Anne’s
County Comprehensive Plan in Chapter 18:1 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne’s County
(to be introduced)

Four Seasons Decisions – (may take action)

Press and Public Comments**

Budget Hearing

* Please note the scheduled times are subject to change, except for public hearings.  PUBLIC COMMENT SIGN-IN SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE MEETING.

**Press and Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting will last 15 minutes. Additional time will be available at the end of the meeting for anyone wishing to speak.  Comments are limited to 3 minutes in length.  Comments longer than 3 minutes must be submitted in writing. PRESS AND PUBLIC COMMENT SIGN-IN SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE MEETING.

***Part of the meeting may be closed to the Public in accordance to the Open Meetings Act procedures.

Three or more of the County Commissioners may be attending the following events in the next few weeks:
4/18 Legislative Breakfast
4/24 EDC Meeting
4/26 40th Annual Ewing Dinner & Auction
5/1 Tour of Senior Centers
5/2 FEC Meeting
5/8 COG Meeting