Animal Control Commission


  • Meetings are held at 10 a.m. on 4th Tuesday of each Month and on an emergency basis as determined by QAC Animal Control. 
  • Meetings are usually held in the QAC Planning and Zoning Conference Room at 110 Vincit Drive, Centreville; however, for the months of March, April, September and October the meetings will be held in the County Commissioners’ Meeting Room at the Liberty Building in Centreville.


MemberTerm Ends
Tom GannonDecember 31, 2025
John McQueeneyDecember 31, 2021
Robert MuellerDecember 31, 2024
Jennifer NowakDecember 31, 2021
Kathy TrotterDecember 31, 2024

County Commissioner Stephen Wilson -    Liaison Members                                 County Commissioner Christopher Corchiarino -  Alternate Liaison Member

Lori Morris - Chief of Special Operations, Department of Emergency Services
John Nickerson - Department of Environmental Health

Casey Jones, Animal Control Clerk

Looking for volunteers:

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners are looking for county citizen volunteer to fill a vacancy on the Animal Control Commission.  Anyone interested in serving is encouraged to send a letter of interest and brief resume to or via mail to Lynda Thomas, 107 N. Liberty Street, Centreville, MD 21617. Those with questions may also reach Ms. Thomas at 410-758-4098. Deadline for submissions will remain open until filled.


There is an Animal Control Commission for Queen Anne’s County. The Animal Control Commission shall advise the County Commissioners on all questions of general policy relating to animal control in the County. The commission shall furthermore, when appropriate, bring matters of public interest to the attention of the County Administrator.


  •  Legislative recommendations: The Animal Control Commission shall recommend to the County Commissioners changes in the laws regarding the control of animals in the County.
  •  Regulations: The Animal Control Commission shall develop and update a comprehensive set of regulations for the inspection of commercial animal establishments and commercial kennels/catteries.

Fee Structure / Fines

The Animal Control Commission shall promulgate and maintain a schedule of fees to be imposed under this chapter for county dog licenses, licensing of commercial animal establishments, and commercial kennels. The Animal Services Center shall promulgate and maintain a schedule of fees for all services provided by it, including fees for transfer, reapplication, redemption, adoption, board and other fees or charges authorized or required.

The Animal Control Commission shall establish and adopt a schedule of fines which shall be imposed for violations of this chapter. Fees and fines established under this chapter may be evaluated and adjusted on an annual basis by the Animal Control Commission and Animal Services Center.

Public Hearings

Form to file a complaint and request a hearing before the Animal Control Commission 

In General

On a written complaint of a citizen, the Animal Control Commission may conduct a public hearing to determine whether a violation of this chapter has occurred.

The Animal Control Commission may conduct hearings on whether an animal shall be deemed a vicious or dangerous animal under the provisions of this chapter. On finding that an animal is vicious or dangerous, the Animal Control Commission may set any reasonable conditions or restrictions on release of the animal or order the animal euthanize.

On a written complaint of an Animal Control Officer or a member of the Animal Control Commission, the Animal Control Commission shall conduct a public hearing to determine whether a person has complied with an order of the Commission.

More Information

Please visit the Queen Anne’s County Ecode page for more information on public hearing protocols.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Animal Control by phone at 410-758-2393 or by email