Water Activities

Scenic Waterways

Embraced by miles of scenic Chesapeake Bay waterways, our County offers a great variety of saltwater and freshwater fishing experiences. Anglers can hook striped bass, largemouth bass, sea trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, black drum, Atlantic croaker, white perch, yellow perch, crappie, pickerel channel catfish, bluegill and more.

If fishing isn't your sport take a leisurely kayak ride along one of the many creeks or rivers that flow into the bay. Visit our business directory to locate local marinas, rental facilities, fishing charters and more.

Public Landings

Queen Anne's County offers numerous public boat ramps and landings for use. For more information on them contact the Queen Anne's County Parks and Recreation Department by calling 410-758-0835. You can also visit the Queen Anne's County Public Landings page. All public landings, piers and marinas are trash free facilities. Please carry out what you carry in!

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Parking Permits

Permits to use Queen Anne's County's landings and ramps are actually permits to park at all landing facilities throughout Queen Anne's County. As of June 1, 2009 this permit is now valid for launching boats at Matapeake Pier or a kayak or canoe at Romancoke Pier.

Permit Display

To use any of the public landings, a current permit must be displayed by each vehicle, with or without a trailer, for either the launching of a boat or for general parking. Annual permits are valid only when displayed on the driver's side of either the boat trailer tongue or the vehicle rear bumper. Daily permits are valid only when displayed on the windshield facing out. Ramp permits can be obtained at the Parks and Recreation office or Chesapeake Outdoors.

Launching at landings without a ramp is limited to canoes, kayaks and car-top boats.

Fishing & Crabbing Licensing

For more information on permits and fishing and crabbing licensing visit Queen Anne's County Parks and Recreation website.