Homeless Assistance, Prevention & Rehousing Unit

They say most of us are only one or two paychecks away from poor housing situations. The Homeless Assistance, Prevention and Rehousing Unit is meant to help those who are currently experiencing homelessness or are fearful they may be facing homelessness due to an upcoming eviction. 

This unit works with federal, state and county governments along with private foundations and other organizations to obtain resources and expand community capacity. In addition to providing limited direct assistance, the unit also partners with other organizations in the community to support people as they move into safe homes and closer to self-sustainability.

Contact for Assistance

If you or someone you know is facing homelessness, please have them contact Cindi Boone, Housing Program Administrator at 410-758-3977, extension 2062. Though not required, it is highly recommended applicants schedule an appointment. This will ensure applicants bring all of the required documents and any available assistance will be provided sooner. 

Unfortunately assistance is not always available, but you are welcome to contact us so we may connect you to other organizations who provide similar resources.  We also invite you to review our Resource List.