Solar Arrays

Solar Arrays are a Conditional Use, Chapter 18:1-95.S, and require approval by the Board of Appeals.

The process requires first that a Concept Plan (Special Application) be submitted for review by the Staff Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) and an approval and recommendation by the Planning Commission. If granted a favorable recommendation, the application may proceed to the Board of Appeals.

Solar Arrays are only permitted in the Agricultural (AG) and Countryside (CS) zoning districts, and in some types of deed restricted open space.

All Solar Arrays must meet the Forest Conservation Act requirements. Please refer to the Forest Conservation Act page.

solar array image

The County is currently revising the Solar Arrays text language:

The following information and links are for three separate solar related text amendments and code ordinances:

  1. TA/CO #17-15: Zoning Map amendment to create a Utility Scale Solar Array Overlay District
  2. TA/CO #17-16: Amended solar array definitions and new overlay district code
  3. TA/CO #17-17: Amended Conditional Use Standards, new Accessory Use for Small Scale Solar Arrays, and deletion of Solar Arrays from Open Space

The Overlay District Map that accompanies TA/CO #17-15: Map 

On November 28, TA/CO #17-15 and #17-16 were heard during a public hearing and will be scheduled for a vote on January 23, 2018.  TA/CO #17-17 was introduced for the second time as an Amendment 1 and will be scheduled for a public hearing on January 23, 2018.

Please use our Ordinances page to access the most current text information and any amendments.