Landings and Piers

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  1. Permit Information
  2. Permit Purchasing Locations
  3. Parking

Please Note: Permits to use Queen Anne’s County’s landings and ramps are actually permits to park at all landing facilities throughout Queen Anne’s County. This permit is now valid for launching boats at Matapeake Pier or a kayak or canoe at Romancoke Pier.  The permit does not allow you to use the fishing piers.  A separate parking ticket must be purchased from the pay machine when you arrive at either Matapeake or Romancoke Fishing Pier.

To use any of the public landings, a current permit must be displayed by each vehicle, with or without a trailer, for either the launching of a boat or for general parking. Annual permits are $35 for Maryland resident and $70 for Out of State; One-Day permits are $10 for Maryland resident and $15 for Out of State.

Annual permits are valid only when displayed on the driver’s side of either the boat trailer tongue or the vehicle rear bumper. Daily permits are valid only when displayed on the windshield facing out. Launching at landings without a ramp is limited to canoes, kayaks and car-top boats.

The link below takes you to Maryland's Department of Natural Resources Water Trails Website.