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Public Works - Solid Waste Division

No Scavenging - No Loitering

Transfer Station Policies - Update

The Solid Waste Division oversees the operation of the 5 county Disposal Areas:   click address for Mapquest links   

Operating Hours & Days of Week of Operation:

Batts Neck Transfer Station
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Grasonville Transfer Station
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Centreville Transfer Station
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
Church Hill Transfer Station
Thursday & Saturday
Glanding Transfer Station
Friday & Saturday
 Hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm

Please call (410) 758-2697 x4133 for further information.

Holiday Closings:

Transfer Station Ticket Book Sales Locations:

  • QAC Finance Office - 107 N Liberty St, Centreville, MD (410) 758-0414
  • Price & Gannon - Centreville Business Park, Coursevall Dr., Centreville, MD (410) 758-0730
  • Rhodes Store - 620 Main St, Church Hill, MD (410) 556-6355
  • Food Lion - Stevensville, MD (410) 643-9687
  • Food Lion - Centreville, MD (410) 758-1860  
  • Acme Markets - 611 Railroad Ave, Centreville, MD (443) 262-9150
  • Safeway Store - Rts 50 & 552 - Chester, MD (410) 643-4919
  • Bennett Point Store - Bennett Point Rd, Grasonville, MD (410) 827-7700
  • Outpost 544 - Rts 544 & 290 crossroads, Millington, MD (410) 778-4200

    The Solid Waste Division utilizes a ticket book system for collection of RESIDENTIAL waste. This program is designed as a user pay system whereby each time you visit one of our five transfers stations you must present a ticket book to enter and dispose of materials. This program was developed to provide an incentive for those who recycle more and reduce their waste stream.

    Each Solid Waste Disposal Ticket is good for one admittance into the transfer station. Additional tickets may be required for disposal of certain materials that you may bring into our centers for disposal. The guidelines below should be followed to appropriately use the system:

    1. Ticket books can be used for residential waste only. No commercial or contractors can use the transfer stations for disposal of waste.

    2. Users must present the entire ticket book to a disposal attendant each time you visit a transfer station. The attendant will remove the correct number of tickets depending on your disposal needs.

    - One ticket is required for each automobile, truck or trailer.

    - A ticket is not required if you only drop off materials in igloo, or drop off metal or cardboard.

    3. One additional ticket must be presented for disposal of each car tire or light truck tire. Only non-commercial tires will be accepted up to a maximum size of 17 inches and rims must be removed.

    4. Ten additional tickets must be presented for the disposal of each refrigerator or appliance containing chloroflourocarbons (CFCs). For example, air conditioners, water coolers and freezers.

    5. Ticket books may only be purchased and used by residents and property owners of Queen Anne's County.

    6. Residential Solid Waste disposal ticket books are available in a $45 book containing 15 tickets with no expiration date.

    7. Construction and demolition debris exceptions - see note #2.

Public Works - Solid Waste Division
312 Safety Dr.
Centreville, MD 21617
ph: 410.758.2697
fx: 410.758.6606

Chief Roads Engineer: R. Shane Moore, P.E.

7:30am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday