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Detention Center

The Queen Anne’s County Detention Center is an adult facility serving local detention services for the courts, local and state police agencies.  We continue to meet the needs of our inmate population by providing meals three times daily, health care services, recreational opportunities, library and legal services, religious services, GED classes, drug and alcohol addiction classes.

The facility operates twenty-four hours a day due to the custodial responsibilities associated with prisoner maintenance.

We endeavor to provide a reliable service to law enforcement and community, looking at current and future criminal activities.  We also still hope to provide beneficial training opportunities for staff and achieve rehabilitation of a perceptible portion of our inmate population.

Detention Center
500 Little Hut Drive
Centreville, MD 21617
ph: 410.758.3817
fx: 410.758.2485

LaMonte Cooke

8:00am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday