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The Scattered Site (Section 8) Homeownership Program

The Homeownership Program will help low and moderate income families on the Housing Authority’s Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) to become homeowners. Homes will be scattered throughout the County to avoid concentrating low-income families in one neighborhood.

The Housing Authority will permit FSS families to use their Section 8 Voucher assistance to make mortgage payments on homes they purchase. The family must put a minimum of 3% down and pay closing costs. Families must also successfully complete a housing counseling program.

  • Require minimum of 3% down payment towards purchase price (1% must be from family)
  • Mortgage must comply with generally accepted private sector underwriting standards
  • Family must not have defaulted on a previous section 8 homeownership mortgage
  • Family must meet standard for minimum level of income (modified standard for elderly and disabled)
  • Family must meet standard for history of full–time employment. (not applicable to elderly and disabled)
  • Family must meet standard for first time homeowner (3yrs) includes all members of household
  • Must be a FSS participant
  • Family must successfully complete homeownership counseling sessions
  • HA financing review to insure that the client can afford the home
  • Initial HQS inspection required but no annual HQS inspections
  • Initial independent home inspection conducted by a private market home inspector (not HA staff)
  • Calculation of “Homeownership expense:"
    • All calculations are the same as for the regular Voucher Program with the exception of the inclusion of the Homeownership expenses
    • Principal and interest on mortgage
    • Mortgage insurance premium
    • Real estate taxes and other public assessments
    • Homeowners insurance
    • HA Allowance for maintenance expenses
    • HA allowance for the costs of major repairs and replacements
    • Utility allowances
    • The HA will make HAP payments to either the family or to the lender on behalf of the family. If the assistance payment exceeds the amount due to the lender the HA must pay the excess directly to the family.