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Final 2011 Comprehensive Water & Sewerage Plan - May 2011


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Final 2010 Sanitary Rate Study

Queen Anne's County is declared to be a Sanitary District but does not exercise any authority over the facilities within any incorporated municipality. The provisions of Title 24, Code of the Public Local Laws of Queen Anne's County, are under the jurisdiction and control of the County Commissioners who sit as the Sanitary Commission. The County is expressly authorized and empowered to establish, construct, locate, maintain, operate, protect, preserve, repair, replace, extend, or enlarge any solid waste system, disposal system, sanitary landfill, water supply system, or sewer system that may be required for any of the purposes of Title 24. While solid waste is included by code under the Sanitary District, the Solid Waste Division, a General Fund Department, in fact handles all solid waste operations.

The Sanitary District currently operates and maintains one wastewater treatment plant divided into four (4) wastewater subdistricts. The Kent Narrows/Stevensville/Grasonville (KN/S/G) treatment plant has a 3.0 MGD capacity and includes the KN/S/G, Cloverfields, and Bay City Subdistricts. With the elimination of the Prospect Bay wastewater treatment plant, and the combination of the service area with KN/S/G, Prospect is now the fourth subdistrict. The same four (4) areas also serve as water subdistricts: Kent Narrows/Stevensville/Grasonville, Cloverfields, Bay City and Prospect Bay (Prospect’s water subarea has also been combined with KNSG).

The KN/S/G Wastewater Subdistrict service area is composed of an eight (8) mile long by three (3) mile wide strip along the Rt.50/301 corridor from Stevensville through Grasonville. The Cloverfields and Bay City Subdistricts extend North and South of Rt.50/301 along Rt.18 and Rt.8, respectively. The KN/S/G treatment plant serves approximately 5,600 sewer accounts which includes 5,900 dwellings.

The KN/S/G Water Subdistrict currently consists of eleven (11) Water Treatment Plants: the Chesapeake Bay Business Park, Stevensville, Kent Island Village, Queen's Landing, Oyster Cove, Thompson Creek, Bayside, Bridgepointe, Grasonville, Riverside and Prospect Water Treatment Plants. These treatment plants service approximately 2,900 water accounts which includes 3,300 dwellings.

The Sanitary District currently has forty-seven (47) full-time employees to carry out the duties of the Sanitary District. This provides for twenty-four (24) hour a day, seven (7) days a week service.

Public Works - Sanitary District
310 Bateau Dr
PO Box 10
Stevensville, MD 21666
ph: 410.643.3535 (Service)
ph: 410.758.2574 (Billing)
fx: 410.643.7364

Chief Sanitary Engineer: Alan Quimby, P.E.

7:30am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday