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Posted on: June 14, 2017

County Administrator Gregg Todd's Wrap Up of the June 13th QAC Commissioner Meeting



Meeting begins at 8:30 with a closed session to discuss disposition of position with upcoming retirement. 8:50 Administrative session to discuss Airport Board replacements was held.

Tab 2, DPW:

1. Historic Christ Church Rectory House Curatorship – request to allow the Department of Public Works to develop a detailed contract for a proposed curatorship for the Historic Christ Church Rectory House with Gretta Thorwarth - approved

2. Capital Budget Excess Funds Transfer – Emergency Generators to DPW Roof Replacement - to Transfer the Capital Fund Balance of $85K from Project 400491 to a new Capital Project to replace the roof on the Department of Public Works Office Building and utilize funds from the County Facility Program to fund the remaining portion of the work, if necessary, based on final construction costs – approved

3. General Services Warehouse & Roads Equipment Building Construction Bids - to award the General Services Warehouse & Roads Equipment Building construction contract to Willow Construction, LLC of Easton, Maryland in the amount of $353,500 and authorize the Director of Public Works to issue the Notice of Award and to execute the contract on behalf of the County Commissioners – approved

4. Baltimore Metropolitan Council 2018 Contract - approve and sign the Unified Planning Work Program Agreement with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council for FY 2018. – approved

5. Deed Dedication – Bishops Meadow Phase I - execute the Deed of Dedication. – approved

6. Stone Bid - award the annual stone bid in the amount of $263,035 to Patuxent Materials, Inc. of Crofton, MD. – approved

7. 2011 Comprehensive Water and Sewerage Plan (CWSP) Amendment 11-11

CHESAPEAKE BAY ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER (CBEC) - approve the sewer service map upgrade for the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center properties from 8-6 to 8-2’L’. – approved

TOWN OF CENTREVILLE - approve the Town of Centreville’s request to utilize the Cannon Farm as an auxiliary treated wastewater effluent spray irrigation field. – denied

Tab 3, Action:

1. MACo dues & assessments for FY2018 - $15,113 for the MACo dues for FY2018. – approved

2. MDA – Cooperative Agreement to control & eradicate noxious & invasive weeds - Cooperative agreement with the Maryland Department of Agriculture for the control and eradication of noxious and certain invasive weeds for the period of July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. – approved

3. County Lobbyist contract agreement - Approve the County Lobbyist contract for $50K for FY18. – approved

4. Amendment to Resolution 15-02 (BRIDGE Fund) approve Amendment No. 1 to Resolution 15-02 – allows monies to be used for capital projects identified in the budget process – approved

5. Narrows Pointe Shore Erosion Control Project - Execute a Resolution to levy a Benefit Assessment on thirty-eight properties for the Narrows Pointe Shoreline Erosion Control project to provide for repayment of $555,320 including a loan from the State of Maryland and related State and County fees over a period of twenty years – approved

6. Property Liens - approve the Resolution to place a lien on each of these properties – approved

7. Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board MOU - Sign the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board MOU – approved

8. Grade stabilization structure – Rock Channel & Waterway at Sudlersville Farm - approve $7,334 to install a rock channel and waterway at the Sudlersville Farm (county property purchased as part of the Sudlersville Middle School project) – approved

9. Clean Chesapeake Coalition – FY2018 Contribution – Clean Chesapeake Coalition payment of $17,000 for FY2018 – denied

10. Community Partnerships for Children & Families appointments - Mary Ann Thompson, Meredith Braden, and Laura Roth be appointed to the Board of the Queen Anne’s County Community Partnerships for Children and Families effective July 1, 2017 to serve a three year term – approved

Reappoint Mary Walker and Jamie Williams to a second three-year term ending June 30, 2020 – approved

Acknowledge and thank Cindy Chirumbole and Janice Feeley for their efforts on behalf of Queen Anne’s County children and families as they depart the Board of the Queen Anne’s County Community Partnerships for Children and Families. – approved

11. Budget Amendment CC-26 – Airport Capital equipment – approved

12. Budget Amendment CC-1 – Bay Bridge Airport part time to full time position – approved

Tab 4, Informational:

1. Heroin & opioid signs

2. Bay Bridge Traffic

3. State tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2018

4. Status of Housing Authority Audit Findings

5. LUCA – Building Blocks for Census Success

6. DNR – Program Open Space – Old Love Point Park Playground

7. MDE – Water Appropriation & Use Permit

8. MDE – Notice of Application Received for State Permit

9. Public Utility Law Judge’s Notice of Procedural Schedule

10. Atlantic Broadband services

11. Casper Solar

12. Crossroad Community thank you letter

13. Agline Newsletter

Tab 5, Private:

  • Bay Bridge Airport Advisory Committee appointment request – held

Tab 6, Presentations:

1. Dfc. Hogan Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Proclamation – 9:45

2. $1,000 LGIT Training Grant Presentation to QAC – Tim Ailsworth, LGIT ED, 10:00

3. Bay Bridge Traffic Counts – David Nelson, Street Traffic Studies, 10:15 – commissioners approved moving forward with contracting with STS

4. MACo Update – Michael Sanderson, ED, 10:30

5. AWL Update – Suzanne Hogan, ED, 10:50

6. DNR, Power Plant Assessment Division Presentation – Susan Gray, DNR 11:05

7. Court House History Pamphlet Presentation – Mary Margaret Goodwin, 11:35

8. Customer Service Video Certificates – Beverly Churchill, 11:45

Tab 7, Legislation:

CO 17-11 – Citizen proposed amendments to the Chapter 18 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne’s County – introduced

CO 17-12 – Amendments to Chapter 18:1 of the Code of Public Local Laws (the Queen Anne’s County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations) Regarding Moderately Priced Dwelling Units – introduced



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