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Posted on: February 15, 2017

County Administrator Gregg Todd's Wrap Up of the Feb. 14th QAC Commissioners' Meeting


Meeting began at 8:00 with a closed session consult with counsel on the cannabis zoning litigation. This was followed by an 8:30 closed session on an easement dispute to a county property.

Tab 2, DPW:


1. FY18 Budget - Federal Funding from Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) - info

2. Circuit Courthouse Update - info


3. Systematic Replacement of Two (2) Roads Division Tractor Mowers =- approved

4. Systematic Replacement of Two (2) Roads Division Loaders - approved

5. Cox Neck Road Inspection Report - Vehicle Parking Issue – signs installed.


6. Bay Bridge Properties LLC – Toll Manor Project - Request for Sewer and Water Allocation - approved

7. KRM Development Corporation - Public Works Agreement - approved

Tab 3, Action Items:

1. FTA & MTA Certifications and Assurances – needed to certify QAC Area Agency on Aging operates transit - approved

2. DES – Pre Disaster Mitigation Grant – MOA between County and MEMA - approved

3. Perpetual Protective Agreement 2nd Amended Deed of Forest Conservation Easement – admin subdivision created change in open space – no net change in open space acreage - approved

4. 3rd Amended Deed of Open Space Easement – same as #3 -= approved

5. Uniform Bid – Detention Center – Howard Uniforms - approved

6. Road Name Change Request – Janet’s Lane (next to Southern States) - approved

7. QA Soil Conservation District Fee Schedule changes – sediment and erosion control review fees, stormwater management review fees - held for further info

8. Kent Narrows Special Taxing District – request from KNFD to tax properties that are inside the taxing district but not currently taxed the special assessment - approved

9. Budget Amendment CC-14 – Fire Impact fee distribution - approved

10. Samsung Letter regarding appliance manufacturing opportunities

Tab 4, Informational Items:

1. Governor – Road Kill Bill

2. MDoT – new Chester River crossing in Chestertown

3. MDE – Water Quality State Revolving Fund Loan – SKI Project – payment schedule

4. MDE – Notice of Applications Received for State Permits

5. MDE – Publication of Permit Decision

6. LMB - QAC2016 Data Roundup for Child & Family Well-Being Results

7. BOE – School Enrollment History & Projections

8. January 2017 Economic Development Report

9. MSRVG – Letter in regards to board member misrepresentation

10. Wye River Upper School review

11. Notice of applied permit to appropriate & use waters in the state

12. Citizen letter – Zoning for Medical Marijuana facilities

13. Cloverfield Chronicle

Tab 5, Private:

A. Hippocratic Growth, LLC

B. DNR notice of Potential Real Estate acquisition

Tab 6, Presentations:

III. Workers Compensation Update - Beverly Churchill 10:00 am - costs are declining, County received over $700K refund... nice job Beverly, Danny and the Safety Committee! And thanks to Dale Timms for all of his years as the chair of the Safety Committee

IV. DES Update - Scott Haas 10:15

V. Gunston School Restoration & Stormwater BMP’s - Rob Gunter 10:30 - Commissioners approved $60K toward project from Watershed Implementation Program funds

VI. Parking Enforcement Program – Mike Phelan 10:45 - held for staff input

VII. Chesapeake College Update - Dr. Barbara Viniar – 11:00

VIII. Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board Update - Dan McDermott – 11:15

IX. Detention Center Update - LaMonte Cooke – 11:30 - bumped till next meeting due to time constraints.

Tab 7, Legislative:

County Ordinance 16-04 – Rezoning of a 20,000 square foot parcel, Tax Map 58A, Parcel 87, from Urban Commercial (UC) to Grasonville Neighborhood Commercial (GNC) - approved

County Ordinance 16-04 Findings and Decision – introduced and approved

County Ordinance 16-12 – The Regulation of LED and Electronic Signs in Queen Anne's County - approved

Amendment to County Ordinance 16-12 – introduced and approved

County Ordinance 16-23 – Revisions to Chapter 11, Construction Regulation; Electrical Examiners, of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland - approved

County Ordinance 16-24 – the Queen Anne's County Rainy Day Fund - approved

County Ordinance 16-25 – An Update to the Queen Anne's County Construction Codes (Chapter 10 of the Code of Pubic Local Laws of Queen Anne's County) - approved

County Ordinance 16-26 – Revisions to the Queen Anne's County Cable Television Act, Chapter 29 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne's County - approved

County Ordinance 17-06 – Medical Cannabis in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Amendment 1 to CO 17-06 - introduced and approved - scheduled for public hearing



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