Kennel License

 A 'commercial animal establishment" is any business whose primary or secondary purpose is the sale, transfer, or conveyance
 of any animal or animal services for money, except animals or services deemed livestock or domestic livestock under this

License required; zoning approval

A person may not operate a commercial animal establishment without first obtaining a commercial animal 
establishment license in compliance with this section.

Initial written application for a commercial animal establishment license shall be made to the Animal Control
        Commission.  Applicants must submit written verification from Queen Anne's County Planning & Zoning that
the applicant is in compliance with applicable zoning and use regulations.

Renewal applications must be submitted to Queen Anne's County Animal Control prior to November 15 of each
year with all required documentation.

Applicants must be in compliance at all times with the Queen Anne's County Animal Control Regulations.

Commercial Animal Establishment Application

Queen Anne's County Animal Control Regulations