Board of Elections

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Queen Anne's County Board of Elections, as prescribed by State Law, issues this public notice of the day, time and place of our regular monthly Board meetings.The meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 9 a.m. They are held in the Election Board  located at 110 Vincit St., Suite 102, Centreville, MD.

The next scheduled board meeting will be January 24, 2019 .


NameDate AppointedTerm Expiration
Juanita CarterJune 1, 2015June 1, 2019
William A. SethJune 6, 2011June 1, 2019
Jane SparksJune 4, 2011June 1, 2019
David StevensJune 1, 2015June 1, 2019
William StoopsJune 6, 2011June 1, 2019


To conduct all elections (state, federal and special) in Queen Anne's County.