Historic Sites & Landmarks

Journey Through Our Past
Traces of history can be found throughout the landscape of Queen Anne's County. Your journey through our past will take you through small historic towns and open countryside.

The historic sites throughout Queen Anne's County are open the 1st Saturday from May to October.
  1. Churches & Cemeteries

    Some of the oldest churches in the county, and even in the state of Maryland, are located in Queen Anne's County.

  2. Courthouses

    Step through a portal in time by visiting one of the area's historical courthouses.

  3. Historic Buildings

    See the history of Queen Anne's County as you stroll through some of our historic buildings.

  4. Historic Houses

    Several homes in the Queen Anne's area are listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

  5. Landmarks

    Find information about some of the oldest landmarks in Queen Anne's County.

  6. Schools

    Discover the history of Queen Anne's County by visiting our old schools.

  7. Wye Grist Mill & Museum

    Wye Grist Mill is the oldest frame grist mill on the Eastern Shore and the oldest industrial, commercial structure in continuous use in the state.