Community Affairs - Public Information

Queen Anne's County Community Affairs gathers and disseminates information internally (for Commissioners and Employees) and externally (for public) Community Affairs assists the QAC Government with the goal of being transparent to its citizens and visitors. We promote events, initiatives and programs from Commissioners and County Departments. We also support other agencies and organizations with the promotion and dissemination of information to the public (other agencies include Library, State Highway Administration, Sheriff's Office, Utilities).

Leslie Salvatori

Public information ensures the Public is aware of issues, actions and opportunities occurring through out the county using all the various media options to accomplish this goal including but not limited to press releases, social media and Community Affairs also handles all public information for the Department of Emergency Services during normal business hours and during times of emergencies, including response to the county Emergency Operations Center.

Press Releases

For copies or information about a current or past press release, email Leslie Salvatori.

  1. Water & Sewer Fee Reduced for Low Income Homeowners

    The County Commissioners voted Aug 14, on Ordinance 18-09 which raises the income level from $25,000 adjusted gross annual income to $35,000 as the income level at which the county will pay the users “Ready to Serve” portion of their water and sewer bill. Read on...
  2. Caregiver’s Support Group Meeting Sept. 19th

    The Queen Anne’s County Area Agency on Aging is hosting a Caregiver’s Support Group Meeting on Wednesday, September 19th at 1:00 p.m. at the Kramer Center in Centreville. Read on...
  3. Old Love Pt. Park Concession Stand Closed Weekdays Till 5 for Renovations

    The CONCESSION STAND AT OLD LOVE POINT PARK will be closed weekdays until 5:00 PM from 8/15/18-10/1/18 for renovations. We will try to keep the restrooms open as long as possible. Please use caution in this area especially around construction materials. Read on...
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